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Quick Dinner Recipes Indian

Hey & Welcome! Guys, I am going to share couple of quick Indian dinner recipes today. When you are running short of time, do try o prepare following quick food recipes and share your experience with us. Dum Aloo Lakhnavi Ingredients: Potatoes – ½ kg Onions – 2 large Tomatoes …

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Indian Cooking Recipes For Dinner

Hey & Welcome! Friends, today I am going to share few Indian Cooking Recipes For Dinner. In Indian Cuisine, there is a lot of variation in recipes of the same dish due to different regional cultures & customs. Besan Chilla Indian Recipe To make one of the delicious Indian Cooking …

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Healthy Dinner Recipes Indian

Hey & Welcome! Friends, I hope you all are doing great. Today I am going to share few healthy Indian dinner recipes. Indian cuisine has vast variety of traditional food dishes both vegetarian & non-vegetarian. Palak Chana Daal (Spinach Lentil Curry) Ingredients: Spinach – 1 kg Lentil – 1.5 cup …

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