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Eid Cooking

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Friends’ majority of you know that Muslims all around the world celebrate two religious festivalsevery year with great zeal & happiness. These two festivals are Eid-ul-Fitr& Eid-ul-Adha. Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated at the end of holy month of Ramadan, the month Muslims keep fast from dawn to sun-set and Eid-ul-Adha is celebrated by sacrificing the animals for the sake of Allah (swt).

On both Eids, Muslims prepare and cook food dishes for family and friends. It is a ritual to invite guests at homes and served them savory and sweet dishes. The preparation and Eid cooking of dishes varies across the globe as every region or country has its own traditional ways of cooking wide variety of food dishes but one common thing among all Muslims is their hospitality & generosity on these occasions of Eid.

Muslims exchange food and gifts with each other and especially give food items like candies, chocolates, traditional sweets to kids as these occasions are meant for fun and recreation to kids. Family visits are must at homes and they use to go to parks, cinemas and other recreation places. Guests are served with sweet dishes and desserts followed by a lunch or dinner.

The traditional sweet dish of Pakistan is Sheer Khurma, made with vermicelli, milk, nuts, butter and dry fruits and savory dishes are Biryani (rice dish), Mutton/Beef Stew, Mince Meat Kebabs, Meat Barbecue, Naan, Salad, Soda Drinks and desserts includes Rasmalai, Mithai, Custard Trifle, Kheer and Halwa. Every region has its own famous dishes for these auspicious occasions but mainly the types of food items are same like rice, meat, vegetables, and sweet items.

Let me tell you the most delicious and traditional Eid dishes around the globe. The name of country and dishes are as under:
  • Afghanistan: Bolani, a flatbread stuffed with potatoes, spinach, pumpkins, or lentils.
  • Morocco: Laasida & Tagine
  • Pakistan, India & Bangladesh: Sheer Khurma
  • Indonesia: Lapis Legit
  • Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq: Butter Cookies
  • United Kingdom: Biryani
  • Malaysia: Rendang
  • China: You Xiang
  • Russia: Manti
  • Yemen: Aseeda

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